SALON K – Private



Arrange your next party or event in the city’s most beautiful room! Salon K is a part of the sparkling culture life in Huset-KBH. Salon K is centered in the heart of the old Copenhagen which gives your party an atmospheric and historical touch! This also makes it is easy and accessible for your guests to arrive on bike or by public transportation.

Salon K was built in 1750 and is protected by Statens Kulturarv (The States Cultural Heritage). The salon has gone through a complete restoration a few years ago. Our focus was on recreating the original spirit and expression, which means that the salon is now a true classic and aesthetic Copenhagen salon.

Salon K invites you with its’ cultural surroundings, versatile options and size to party and give your guests a unique experience.


Salon K is ideal for:


  • Weddings
  • Reception
  • Christening and name feasts
  • Confirmations and nonfirmations
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries



Salon K has room for 80 people, but is ideal for 64-72 sitting guests.



You can rent or loan different equipment and furniture which makes it easy for you to plan your party.

Salon K is equipped with utensils for 80 people, draft beer, oven, microwave, four hotplates, ice machine, dishwasher, whiteboard, projector and music system.  


  • Utensils and pantry kitchen
  • Chairs, round cafétables and large worktables
  • Projector and canvas


  • Technical equipment
  • Beverages and catering
  • Staff
  • White tablecloths
  • Tour in Huset-KBH



The prices includes final cleaning

  • Weekdays
  •  8.00-24.00                                                                                               6.000 ,-
  •  8.00-16.00                                                                                                3.000 ,-
  •  16.00-24.00                                                                                              4.000 ,-


  • Friday (12.00-06.00)                                                                           10.000 ,-
  • Saturday (12.00-06.00)                                                                     12.000 ,-
  • Weekend (Fri. 12.00-Sun. 16.00)                                                      17.500 ,-


  • Acquisition of the day before the party (from pm. 15.00)                3.500 ,-
  • Acquisition of the day after the party (only Sunday)                         2.000 ,-






Have a tour and see the premises every Monday: 16.30-17.30.

Note that there are no tours in July 2017.


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