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Video Store Classics: ‘Angel’
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Before the dark time of streaming, there was a glorious age! An age of discovery where you could walk into your local video rental store and find weird and wonderful stuff among the latest blockbusters and mainstream movies. Movies that for the most part had theatrical releases, but had settled into a life as “filler” side by side with supposedly better movies.

Some of these movies have become almost obscure today, but fear not! We’re here to remind you, and will be screening four great movies that you could find in almost any video store in the 80’s and early ’90s.

*RESERVATIONS can be made via husetsbio.reservation@mail.dk. Please include “ANGEL” and the number of reservations desired in the subject line of your e-mail, and you will receive a quick confirmation with further info. If you have other questions contact Jack, our house manager, at jack.stevenson@mail.dk, or via 20297013 as a second option. No SMS.

18.30 = CAFÉ & TICKET COUNTER opens / We have free (unnumbered) seating / Please remember we only accept cash and Mobile Pay / Tickets are 50 kr.

19.30 = ANGEL, 1984, Robert Vincent O’Neill, 94 min.
The story about 15 year-old honor student Molly, who puts herself through school working the streets of Hollywood as the prostitute “Angel”. On the streets, Angel has a “family” made up of street performers, a transvestite, two fellow prostitutes, and her landlord. A serial killer roams the street of Hollywood killing prostitutes, and when Angel becomes a witness to the murder of a member of her “family”, she becomes a target for the killer.

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Video Store Classics: ‘Angel’
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