HUSET 50 ÅR: Onsdag

Huset-KBH in Magstræde is celebrating its 50 year birthday in April 2020!

For the past 50 years, the old buildings in the center of Copenhagen have been
a popular meeting place with a bunch of cultural movements ranging from hippies, red
stockings, punk and beat to 4-wave feminism and climate activism.

The history of Huset-KBH is inspiring, and it deserves to be celebrated
along with the many artists, cultural creators and activists who have made the place
so alive and important over the years.

From the official birthday (April 1st) and four days ahead, we open
the doors to different types of events that capture the personal stories which
have shaped and is still shaping Huset-KBH today. The program takes place on all stages throughout the house, and on each stage a topic is illuminated through talks and artistic performances.

The entrance fee is 100 DKK á day and gives access to all the stages on the specific day.

01.04 HUSET 50 ÅR: Onsdag

  • Admission 100kr
  • Presale 100kr + fee - Buy ticket
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