20.11 Kl. 17.00
evoo folkekøkken

Dear  guests,


Our community kitchen is back! We’re ready for a new season! This time with fresher, tastier, more organic produce, as we aim to have 100% biological ingredients J


With our concept, we aim to serve food that gets shared in trays, where you can sit and eat all together at the same table, meet new friends, or simply spend some good time in the old Huset-KBH own restaurant.


Huset-KBH is a culture house where all year long you can attend concerts, theater plays, new and old movies, eat or play some board games.


At evoo every Wednesday we open our doors for you to come with friends and family, to share food with other guests as well.


We serve a two-course menu, which normally start with a soup and some of our wonderful naturally leavened bread, followed by a main course (we will send menu updates weekly, so stay tuned!!!). It will be presented every evening, before starting to serve.


The food gets served from the kitchen, you will find a set table when you arrive, so all you have to do is to grab a tray or a bowl, which is meant to be shared with 4 people.


Tickets are for 65kr online, but you are welcome to buy them at the door for 80kr.

Kids (from 3 to 12 yo) are eating for 25kr, and it’s free for kids from 0 to 3 yo.


We also offer a reduction to 40kr if you are a volunteer in Huset-KBH.


We start serving the food at 18:00, and the main course at 18:30.


In order to have the best experience, we strongly recommend you to come on time or, if you are a big group, to send at least one representative to take the reserved seats.


We are looking so much forward to see you at evoo!!!

20.11 Kl. 18.00 / Dør Kl. 17.00
evoo folkekøkken