12.11 At 18.30
CBS Film & CBS Feminist Society Presents: “Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex”
Husets Biograf
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 CBS Film & CBS Feminist Society Presents: “Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex” – 100 women are invited to participate in a documentary film about female desire and sexuality.

*RESERVATIONS can be made via husetsbio.reservation@mail.dk. Please include “CBS VENUS” and the number of reservations desired in the subject line of your e-mail, and you will receive a quick confirmation with further info. If you have other questions contact Jack, our house manager, at jack.stevenson@mail.dk, or via 20297013 as a second option. No SMS.

18:30 = CAFÉ & TICKET COUNTER opens / We have free (unnumbered) seating / Please remember we only accept cash and Mobile Pay / Tickets are 50 kr. All ticket sales go to Charity.

19:30 =”Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex”, 2016, Danmark, Dir. Mette Carla Albrechtsen & Lea Glob, 80 mins, Danish with english subtitles // Two female directors in their thirties, start an investigation based on their own sexual frustrations to understand desire from a female point of view. As an excuse to get more answers, they decide to make a film based on real women’s erotic memories and reflections. They send out a casting call and over 100 ordinary Copenhagen women reply. As the shootings progress it dawns on the Filmmakers that what was just meant to be a casting, instead becomes an overwhelming shared experience of intimacy. The casting couch is turned into an exploration space for the young women to share their true desires, fantasies and reflections on their experiences with sex, shame, lust and pleasure. The film gives a rare look into the secret language of young female sexuality. The young women’s immediacy to understand themselves suddenly becomes an intimate arena where an unexpected choir of honesty creates the potential to rethink the language of female sexuality.

The motivation of the film comes from the exact same frustrations and questions as the female participants of the film. The two Directors grew up in the 90’s in the supposedly liberated Scandinavia. But how liberated are we exactly in this confusing landscape of our time? The Internet access has forever changed the way we look at ourselves, combined with an entire cultural history almost solely defined through the male gaze. Perhaps the perspective is skewed into confusion? The film is a humorous, philosophical, cinematic piece that asks more questions than it answers, but it is also a rare authentic film showing the vulnerability and power of young women trying to figure out how to join the irrational sexual desire with being a civilized adult human being. Venus explores how a new generation of younger women anno 2015 relate to themselves as sexual beings.

CBS Feminist Society strives to create awareness and address issues of gender discrimination, mainly focusing on the business world. We wish to discuss solutions and inspire future leaders to take a stand on this issue. CBS Feminist Society is open to anyone with an interest in the subject.

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We look forward to seeing you! 🙂

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12.11 At 19.30 / Doors At 18.30
CBS Film & CBS Feminist Society Presents: “Venus – Let’s Talk About Sex”
Husets Biograf

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