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Have something speciel to ask about? Huset is a platform for many different culture activities and organises. You can find exactly who and what you are looking for in the list below.

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General questions

Contact Huset for general questions or if you have an idea for an event.

The Huset reception is open to personal questions on weekdays between 11.00 – 15.00. This is also the time you can reach us on the phone or our info-mail.

Tlf.: 21 51 21 51

Is your question about Bastard Café, board games or reservations?

Take a look at their website

Is your question about Husets Biograf or movie showings?


Is your question about theater?


Do you have a booking request for Musikcaféen?


Is your question about our foodservices?

Take a look at our website for evoo – the house kitchen

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Are you looking for specifik people from the administration?

You can see our administration members here

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