The Community

Foreningen bag Huset-KBH (The community behind Huset-KBH) is a gathering of all the cultural communities and other active people in Huset-KBH.

There’s a large diversity and every group differs from each other. They participate a great deal in the spirit of Huset-KBH and underlines the values of this historical place:

History, unique, original, diverse, creative, playful, urban, mutable, and historically rebellious and anarchical framework.

The community’s most important function is to be exacting for other creative communities to participate in creating a creative, fun and interesting house.

Another important task is to function as a strategic partner for the administration.  Foreningen Bag Huset-KBH works to improve the different facilities such as tech, inventory, and awareness about the communities within Huset-KBH and in Huset-KBH in general, largely through funding.

Finally, the community Foreningen bag Huset-KBH is a unifying social medium for all the different players and communities in Huset-KBH.

Communities who are currently active players in Huset-KBH:

Alive Festival

Bastard Café


Christianshavns Lokaludvalg

Copenhagen Music


Husets Biograf


King Size Big Band

Klub Kurz


Musik i Lejet

Paradise Jazz


Prime Collective

Punks Undead

Red Barnet Ungdom

Street Poets Night




Wonderwhy Music Company

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