19.08 At 19.00
Husets Biograf

Please note that this show is now SOLD OUT!


Calling all dudes and dudettes! We’re back and happy to announce that Club CPH-SP is again presenting a monthly MOVIE DRINK-ALONG at Husets Biograf. There are plenty of beloved cult movies that ideally incorporate drinking rituals, making them a perfect excuse to lean back and get loose with your friends, and we plan to show them all! 


Fall screenings will be on these dates: 19.08.17 = tickets on sale on billetto at noon on 12.07 / 16.09.17 = tickets on sale on billetto at noon on 20.08 / 21.10.17 = tickets on sale on billetto at noon on 17.09 / 11.11.17 = tickets on sale on billetto on 22.10 / 09.12.17 = tickets on sale on at billetto at noon on 12.11 / … Mail our house manager, Jack, at Jack.stevenson@mail.dk for info on what specific films we are playing on what nights.


19.00 = Cafe opens. When you arrive just check-in at the counter and give your name (if possible it’s always a good idea to bring your print-out confirmation too) and you will be given a seating pass.


20.00 = Show and drinks!


ALERT! You must be at least 18 years old to by a ticket. No one under 18 will be admitted into the cinema, and this will be strictly enforced.

NO REFUNDS: The cinema cannot give refunds once a ticket is purchased. If you cannot attend, one of your friends can go in your place or you can sell your ticket to someone else, and you need to communicate the name change to Jack (jack.stevenson@mail.dk) in good time.

19.08 At 20.00 / Doors At 19.00
Husets Biograf

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